Chat Bot


What is A <CHAT BOT?>

Chatbots are software applications that use artificial intelligence & natural language processing to understand what a human wants. The longer our "bots" run on our clients sites, the better they become at guiding customers to their desired outcome with as little work for the end user as possible. Like a virtual assistant for your customer experience.

​We can build, integrate, and launch A.I. Chatbots on your website, Facebook or landing page. If you ever feel like taking over for a bot on a particular customer or even your Facebook page, you can download a summary of the entire conversation and pick it up with a human touch.

Once deployed, you can live chat with customers as well as see Chat Bot analytics, suggestions for optimization, and edit your bot on the fly.​

Of course, we're happy to offer training and walk you through managing your chat bots. We know all of this may seem complex at first, but we make it as simple as possible.

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notebooks and computer