What is PROXIMITY MARKETING and How Does it Work?

Proximity marketing is a hyper-localised strategy that uses people’s specific locations to send highly-targeted messages. While location-based marketing uses GPS technology to track the approximate location of devices, proximity marketing aims to send messages to people based on their specific location.

Clients choose Proximity Marketing because our agency gets real results – new leads and sales. After 20+ years in business, our success stems from understanding B2B industries and knowing how to connect with online audiences. We’re committed to advancing your company’s growth.

From accounting and financial services to manufacturing companies, we captivate potential buyers and customers and get them to connect with our clients. You are innovators, engineers and problem solvers at heart. Your story is unique, and possibly decades old. But how convincing is your online brand? We will work with you to capitalize on your biggest asset – knowledge – to generate the right leads and new business.


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