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Even though technology as developed more than most people could have imagined over the past decade, text message marketing remains one of the most cost-effective ways of acquiring customers, developing brand awareness and increasing sales.Many of the world´s leading businesses such as Ford, Walmart and Coca Cola, for example  use text message marketing as a means of means of connecting with customers, keeping their brands at the forefront of their customers´ minds, and promoting exclusive offers.

​Smaller businesses also take advantage of the intimacy of text message marketing to drive customers to their premises. Text message marketing is the ideal vehicle for bars, restaurants and smaller retail enterprises to get their message heard in the noisy direct marketing environment.​

Businesses and organizations outside of the retail market also make good use of text message marketing to connect with their contacts. Churches, political parties and charitable organizations can solicit donations via text, while football teams can use the same SMS technology to make sure their fans are kept up-to-date with the score on game days.

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